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Saturday Morning Detox Juice

Saturday mornings I do a kitchen/fridge clean sweep and I had a few fruits and veggies that needed to be eaten or pitched. So I made this juice concoction. Recipe: 2 Carrots 6 celery stalks 1 handful of beet greens (I had 3 beets on hand) 2 apples Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised… Continue reading Saturday Morning Detox Juice

Clean Eating, Diet, Health, Healthy Eating, Juicing, Recipes, Weight Loss

Apple Citrus Zinger

I'm loving this juice combo - apple, orange, lime, lemon, and ginger. This flavorful juice can help to reduce cholesterol oxidation, helps with digestion, it has anti inflammatory and anti nausea properties and packed with Vitamin C, B6 and Folic Acid. Cheers!

Clean Eating, Diet, Juicing, Recipes, Weight Loss

Golden Super Juice

I can't get enough of this juice!!! Ever since I got a Juicer for my birthday this year, I have been juicing any and everything!  A few days ago, I saw these golden beets in the organic produce section of Safeway and I remembered seeing someone on Instagram posting a photo of juicing Golden Beets.… Continue reading Golden Super Juice