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10 Tips to Fight Winter Weight Gain!

For some of you in the Northeast and Midwest, you probably experienced pretty mild weather for December last week, but nonetheless, it is still December.  And that means holiday parties, cookies, dinners, and all things peppermint (lattes, bark, cookies, candies, etc).  Most of the people that I work with when helping them with their weight… Continue reading 10 Tips to Fight Winter Weight Gain!

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Peanut Butter Cups (Healthy Edition)

Peanut Butter Cups (Makes 12 Peanut Butter Cups) So, a lot of people keep asking me for more ways to eat healthy during the holidays but still feel like they are treating themselves.  Well, here is another one for you out there. One of my candy favorites are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but they are… Continue reading Peanut Butter Cups (Healthy Edition)