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My Post Vegas Detox Plan

Hand writing Time to Detox concept with blue marker on transparent wipe board.Last week, I went to Vegas with a few instructors and members of one of the studios where I teach – Dogpatch Dance & Yoga in San Francisco. While we had a great time, I definitely was off track with my nutrition.  The main culprit was that I was off my normal sleep, workout, and eating schedule, which threw me off, coupled with the lack of fresh fruits and veggies and eating at random times of the night, including a 5AM post club meal of Fried Chicken and Waffles! Now that I am back home, I am going to use this week to get back on track with my nutrition, sleep, and fitness.

Here is my plan of action, I’ll make sure to share my results with you at the end of the week:

  1. Hydration: Vegas in June is pretty hot and dry and even though I didn’t drink alcohol while I was on vacation, I didn’t drink enough water.
    • Start each day with a glass of water upon waking up is a great way to wake up the body and rev up the digestive system to facilitate a smoother detoxification process.
    • Drinking at least half my body weight (in ounces) of water is vital on all levels and should be a non-negotiable for everyone. But if you are working out, make sure to add 16 – 24 additional ounces to your daily total.
  2. Nutrient Dense Breakfast: Breakfast is such a vital meal and most of us take that for granted and either skip it completely or eat a breakfast high in fat and sugar. Each morning, I’ll be drinking Shakeology, which is a nutrient dense vegan meal replacement shake that is more like a super potent multi-vitamin & probiotic packed with superfoods, super greens, adaptogens, and more.  This not only gives me fuel, but the daily dose of dense nutrition helps moves things right along and puts the proper things into my body.
  3. Simple Lunch & Dinner: I’m not trying to be super fancy this week with my meals, I’m eliminating chicken, red meat and pork and will focus on eating a lot of fish, fruits, and veggies for most of my meals. My meals will be:
    • Kale Salads with Tuna, Beets, Hard Boiled Eggs, and Cabbage for lunch
    • Thai Curry Lentils & Spinach with Brown Rice, Garlic & Herb Salmon with Sauteed Garlic Green Beans and Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Grilled Fish Tacos with Fresh Mango Salsa & Black Beans and rice for dinner
  4. Green Smoothies for my Afternoon Snack: I love drinking Green Smoothies in the afternoon, because I typically crave something sweet and by packing a smoothie with fresh kale and some frozen fruit, it feels like treat but also helps with adding more detox friendly ingredients to my daily intake. Here’s my recipe.
  5. Special Attention to the Body: I’ll be doing Shaun T’s “Shaun Week” Fitness Challenge this week, which is sure to be a perfect addition to my nutrition plan, as I’ll be able to break a sweat and help to get rid of those Vegas toxins.  I’ll also add in some yoga with Beachbody OnDemand’s Yoga Studio program.  (If you want information on how to access this for free, comment below).
  6. Rest: One of the most important parts of this week is ensuring that my body gets caught up on its rest (although I slept for 16 hours when I returned). Our bodies use rest to help heal, reset, refresh, and recover and if we deprive our bodies of rest, the body can’t function the way it needs to. Plus, it has been shown that sleep deprivation is a big factor in weight gain. So I’ll be aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  7. Self Love: With a detox, it’s so easy to look at it as a punishment. We focus on what we are missing out on and make a big deal out of it. Instead, I am simply using this as a way to honor and respect my body. I don’t regret anything from my time in vegas and if I had to go back, I would probably have done the same thing, except eaten more macaroons! So, now that I’m back home, I am simply focusing on how lucky I am to be able to eat nourishing, healthy and fresh foods, excited to try Shaun T’s “Shaun Week” workouts, and to take time to rest and recover from one of the best Vegas trips to date!

If you want to keep up to date with how this week goes, make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Snapchat!

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How to shift your focus to have a more positive life 


 It’s easy to focus on the negativity, the past, the hurts, the failures, the mistakes, the circumstances that broke you, the dreams that never came true and the plans that fell through. However, that type of mindset will only create more of the things that will bring you down and dim your perception of what’s possible for your future. 

I’ve learned to appreciate my failures and mistakes because they taught me great life lessons, to embrace my imperfections and flaws which helped me to create a new definition of beauty and self love, and to accept my brokenness and my scars/battle wounds because they are reminders that I survived, endured and didn’t give up. 

You have the power and the strength to be who you’ve always wanted to be, but it will only happen when you make the decision to shift your focus. 

Today I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your past, your journey, and your story and ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. What lessons have I learned from my biggest failures? 
  2. What do I have to be to grateful for? 
  3. How have I grown stronger from enduring the tough times in my life? 
  4. How has past set the tone for a bright future? 
  5. Who can benefit from my story ? 

Taking the time to reflect on these questions, can help you to make peace with yourself and your past, but also give you momentum to keep pushing! 

If you’re still struggling to reach your goals, let’s chat more about it. Fill out the form at to set up a free 30 minute coachinf session. 

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Here’s a Little Fitspiration For you!

Yesterday, I had a photo shoot for some promotional things that I will be launching over the next few weeks and months (get excited!).  I remember a few years ago, I was in such a crazy place in my mind and my body took the brunt of it.  I was eating like crap, treating myself like crap and my self esteem and self love was non-existent.  When I share my story with people, about how I battled with severe depression and a failed suicide attempt, people are shocked!

Well lucky for me, that I don’t look like what I’ve been through, because then I would look like a HOT MESS EXPRESS! But, I am not ashamed about my journey and where I was, because I fought hard to get to this point, where I am confident and comfortable in my skin.  I worked hard to make the decision to take better care of myself and to treat myself with respect.


I wish I could say that the journey was easy, and there were times that I wished and hoped that things would just magically get better.  Unfortunately, that’s not how life works and I had to work hard for it.  Every single day, I had to re-make the decision to say that I wanted to be better. It meant training my mind to see the beauty and positivity in life. It meant training my body with working out and fitness. It meant training myself to eat clean and make better food choices. Sometimes I passed with flying colors and other days I failed miserably.  That is still the case with every single day…but I keep going. I keep pushing.


I don’t let me my excuses hold me back. I don’t allow my fears to hold me captive. That’s the easy thing to do, to fall back on the things that keep you in bondage and prevent you from living the life that you deserve.  That is why it is important to be stronger than your excuses and never stop fighting for the life that you want to live, because I promise you. If you are willing to make today the day to change it all and make a solid commitment to push…

20140705-102502-37502474.jpgWell, life can be quite a beautiful and wonderful place to be! So, go for it, don’t stop fighting, and just believe and know that you have everything that you need to live the life of your dreams. It won’t be easy, it won’t be perfect, it will be messy, but it is your journey and that makes it beautiful and wonderful!

XOXO, Allison