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3 Tips to Eat Clean This Year

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to Eat Clean or Lose Weight or to Take Care of yourself this year? If so, you are in good company, according to iQuanti, over 63 Million people searched Google on how to get healthy for the new year.   It’s pretty clear that most people know that being healthy is important, but life just seems to get in the way and we go back to our old (unhealthy) habits.

Monday I kick off a 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge in my private Facebook Group, because one thing that I do know is that having a place to be held accountable and feel supported is important when reaching your goals.  If you need the accountability and support, feel free to join the group, but I also wanted to share some tips that have helped me develop my Clean Eating Lifestyle years ago and these 3 tips still hold true for me today to keep me on track.

1. Cook & Prepare your meals: I know this may be a challenge for you, but this is a great habit to create and strengthen. When you cook your own meals, you control what goes into them, you eat at home so you save money, and you can also get creative with trying new recipes.

Here are some simple Clean Eating Recipes that you can try. 


2. Avoid Packaged and Processed Foods: Stay away from “junk” food, which are packed with tons of preservatives and chemicals. Most people fall victim to snacking on junk food. Instead, aim to find healthy snack options to keep you full and fueled.

Here are some healthy snack options to try 


3. Plan Your Week: Many people fail to stay on track, because they fail to plan. Before the challenge begins, pull out your calendar and get a better idea of what you have going on this week. If your mornings are rushed, ensure that you have a healthy breakfast ready to grab and go in the morning to eat at work, like overnight oats. If you have a work lunch, research the restaurant to find a healthy option or ask the person coordinating the lunch to order you a salad. If you’re going to be busy at night, pack a dinner with you or meal prep some dinners (or any other meals) so that way you will have a healthy meal in your fridge. Here are some meal prep tips for you.



Hopefully these tips will help you stay on track for 2018 to develop a Clean Eating Lifestyle and reach your goals!

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Commitment Is Key

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had people who have come to me looking for help with weight loss and or to begin eating healthier.  And one of the major pieces of advice that I share is that in order to reach success with your goals, one thing will have to happen.  You will have to be committed to your goals.  If you say, “I want to lose 20 pounds by the end of the summer,” you will have to be 100% committed to that.  That will mean, not making excuses and begin to put the plans in motion to making it happen.

For example, you will need to choose a fitness program or regimen and schedule it into your day as if it were a non-negotiable meeting.  You will need to commit to eating healthy and eating clean, meaning skipping the junk food, the sodas, the sugary foods and snacks, and drinking more water.  It will mean that you will have to make sacrifices and do and eat things that you may not want to, but you will do it because you are committed to your goals.  That is the #1 reason why people fail at reaching their fitness and health goals, because they simply were not 100% committed to their goal.  The next time you set a goal, ask yourself:

  • “Am I truly committed to this?”
  • “Am I willing to do whatever it takes to reach this goal?”
  • “Am I willing to remove obstacles, distractions, and other things that can sabotage my success from my life, while pursuing this goal?”

Once you make the commitment to pursue a goal, remember that it will require you to be consistent in your pursuit.  That means making the choice to do this every single day, not just sometimes or when you feel like it, but EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Make today a new day to re-commit yourself to living a healthier lifestyle and to pursue your goals with commitment and consistency.

If you need more help with committing to your health and fitness goals, I’d love to help you. Simply fill out the form below and we can chat!