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February Progress


I can’t believe that it’s been one year since I really dedicated my life to eating cleaner and working out consistently. I decided to really commit after I noticed that I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for and when I did get results they were fleeting and never lasted. On this journey of health, fitness and wellness, I’m learning that you can’t do this for the here and now. You have to truly make this a lifestyle.

When I made the commitment, I started on my nutrition first. The body you want (in terms of how you look and how you feel) starts with what you put into your body. For 21 Days I was eating 100% clean and taking additional supplements to reset my body. I didn’t do one minute of exercise, yet I lost 12 pounds and saw my energy increase and some issues that I was experiencing decrease.

From February until the rest of 2013 I committed to and completed Les Mills Combat, 3rd round of Insanity, TurboFire and Focus T25. With each program I found myself getting stronger and I felt better about myself. I was now getting “off the scale” results like more confidence, sleeping better, improved posture, and looking and feeling like a million bucks.

I start P90X3 on Monday and I’m super excited about it. I’m not looking to lose weight or anything like that, just to simply challenge myself and improve my strength.

This is just a reminder that if you have a goal of being healthier and more fit, make your goal a lifestyle and it will be so much easier to get the results you are looking for!

Beachbody Products, Beachbody Programs, Fitness, Health, Workout

Pre-Black Friday Fitness Sale

Okay, so if you know me, you know that I love a good sale and that I’m obsessed with Beachbody programs and products and this year they are on sale with up to 68% off! Also, I’m doing an additional giveaway special for November 27th – November 30th!  For each Challenge Pack purchased, you will get a $20 coupon to use on your next purchase and I will throw in a FREE workout DVD for you!   For each Shakeology HD purchase, I will throw in a FREE workout DVD for you!  Check out the deals below and contact me if you have any questions! You can purchase these great deals by visiting

BB BF Sale Ecard

Beachbody Products, Beachbody Programs, Fitness, Workout

Health & Fitness Products on Sale! (June 3rd – 9th)

Sizzling Summer SaleWell, it’s officially June and as we are a few weeks away from the official first day of Summer.  Here are some special deals going on right now that you should take advantage of!  For the entire week, June 3rd – June 9th, the following programs and products are available through me for a super low price.

TurboFire – $53

TurboFire is the intense cardio conditioning program from fitness innovator Chalene Johnson. This 90-day weight loss and body slimming program will help you get leaner with exercises that can burn up to 9x more fat and calories than regular cardio does. And, with Chalene’s smoking-hot remixes, the music will push you past your limits during every workout.

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series – $29.99

Launch your booty sculpting sky-high in just 30 days with Leandro’s advanced breakthrough moves and tools. The 30-day Master Series program includes 3 new workouts that work multiple muscle groups at the same time, plus smart tools to help you sculpt lean, sexy muscle and get the tight, sexy bikini body of your dreams.

Body Gospel – $17.95

The inspirational Body Gospel workouts, set to chart-topping gospel music, combine the power of your faith with your desire to lose weight and get fit.

RevAbs – $39.99

Get the sexy six-pack abs you’ve always wanted with RevAbs®. This ab-focused workout is specifically designed to burn off the fat and give you rock-hard results in just 90 days. Trainer Brett Hoebel teaches you special techniques to work your entire core from six different angles, so you get better results, faster.

Ultimate Reset – $129.99

Increase energy, lose weight, and lower your cholesterol in 21 days. In just 3 weeks, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset® will help your body get rid of the toxins you’ve been taking in for decades. This gentle, no-starvation cleanse helps restore your body to its optimal “factory settings,” so you can look, feel, and be healthier than before.

P90X Chin Up Bar – $39.95

Develop and strengthen your shoulders, back, and arms with this high-grade training tool featuring multiple grip positions. (Used with P90X®, P90X2®, and INSANITY: THE ASYLUM®.)

Step with 4 Risers – $59.99

This height-adjustable and shock-absorbing step is a weight bench, cardio-conditioning tool, and a targeted sculpting platform, all in one piece of equipment.

Energy & Endurance Pre-Workout 90 Day Tub – $59.95

Improve your energy, endurance, strength, and focus with this NEW pre-workout drink. Its proprietary blend of advanced nitric oxide boosters, amino acids, natural energizers, electrolytes, and essential B vitamins can help you power through and maximize your workouts

All items are available while supplies last.  To order click here and then click on “Summer Sale” on the left hand side.


Beachbody Products, Beachbody Programs, Fitness, Motivation, Workout

Love Your Workout & Have Some Fun!

Some people don’t like to workout because it’s not fun.  I am one of those people, in everything that I do, I try to make it fun and enjoyable.  Hence, why I’m not really into running, because I tend to get bored with it.  I will chalk it up to my self diagnosed ADD.  Every time that I go for a run, even though I know that my fitness and cardio levels are pretty good and my previous background running track, I could actually do quite well running…I just don’t enjoy it.  So, I don’t do it.  However, I don’t let that stop me from finding workouts that I do enjoy.  For me, I love home fitness programs like Insanity, Les Mills Combat, P90X, and TurboFire because I can work out at home, they all have great music to keep me pumped, and I relate to the trainers.

The key is to find out what you are looking for in a workout and what will you enjoy.  I have a friend who loves to dance and loves music, but hates “working out”.  I recommended that she look for a hip hop dance class or take a salsa or belly dancing class.  She agreed and 6 months later she has dropped 20 pounds and has the cutest figure now, because she attends 4 dance classes a week at her local YMCA and she loves it.  She is burning calories doing things that she enjoys.  Think about what you enjoy that is physical and find ways to incorporate more of that into your daily life.

When you make your workouts fun, you tend to look forward to your upcoming sweat session instead of looking at it like a chore.   Go out there and find your “soulmate workout”!  If you would like to check out really great at home fitness programs, click here to learn more!

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Black Friday Fitness Deals


Greetings from Sedona, Arizona! I truly hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! For most of us, we indulged in some of our favorite holiday meals and treats (and I hope you enjoyed every moment of that!) And some of us also indulge in the Black Friday madness!

Starting today at 12PM EST, there will be a few items that are on sale to help you get your fitness goals on track! This can be a great gift opportunity or simply great savings on programs for yourself.

P90X & 3 Packets of Shakeology – $99
TurbiFire – $53
Body Gospel – $24.95
Hip Hop Abs – $24.95
10 Minute Trainer – $59.90
Power 90 – $44.90
Squishy Ball – $3.95

These are all great deals and they will go fast. If you are interested, visit

Also, for anyone who purchases a Challenge Pack or Shakeology Home Direct 11/23 – 11/26 will receive $25 Cash Back. To order a Challenge Pack click here and to order Shakeology HD –

For additional information, email me at!

Beachbody Products, Beachbody Programs, Clean Eating, Diet, Fitness, Health, Healthy Eating, Motivation, Workout

Why Wait For January 1st?

Many people tend to wait until January 1st to focus on their Health and Fitness goals.  But I say that there is not time like “NOW” to take control of your goals.  That is why I am hosting a challenge that will get you ready for New Years Eve! The LIttle Black Dress/Slim Black Suit Fitness Challenge starting on November 26th!  This way you will fit into that perfect ensemble for the New Years Eve festivities and start the New Year already one step ahead of the rest.

The challenge is simple, commit to 30 days of working out, eating healthy/drinking Shakeology, and staying accountable and motivated.  In order to get started, simply check out the Beachbody Challenge Packs (see below).  You will receive a Beachbody Fitness Program, like P90X or Insanity or TurboFire, plus a Home Direct order of Shakeology, plus 30 days of the Team Beachbody Club Membership, which includes a meal planner to help you stay on track.  On top of that, you will get amazing support from our group to help keep you committed and motivated.  In order to truly reach your fitness goals it will require proper fitness & nutrition, plus support and accountability.  This challenge has it all!

Here is a list of available Challenge Packs. Click on the logo to learn more and to order. 🙂

For more information OR if you already have a Beachbody Fitness Program and still want to join the Challenge, contact me at

Beachbody Products, Beachbody Programs, Fitness, Health, Motivation, Workout

Day 15: Fit Test #2

Yesterday I completed my second Fit Test with Insanity. I was happy to say that I saw improvements in every category.  My cardio has really improved and I was shocked at how well I was able to do the moves and my form was much better than the first time around. Actually, everyone in my Fitness Challenge saw improvements in their Fit Test.  It goes to show that if you stick with Insanity and stay committed it can really help you change your body.

Fit Test #2 Results (Fit Test #1 Results)

  • Switch Kicks: 129 (113)
  • Power Jacks: 48 (47)
  • Power Knees: 96 (91)
  • Power Jumps: 35 (33)
  • Globe Jumps: 11 (10)
  • Suicide Jumps: 17 (15)
  • Push-Up: 22 (20)
  • Low Plank Oblique: 62 (56)

While I was doing the low plank obliques, I could see how my legs and abs were beginning to lean out. It was a pretty cool angle! I’m still pumped about the program and knowing that I’m almost done with the first month is exciting, but I’m also anxious to get started on Month 2, which is even more intense.  That is when I know that I will see big improvements in my body and my cardio will INSANE!

Well today is Plyo Cardio Circuit and I’m actually sore from the Fit Test, so this should be interesting. Wish me luck!

My next challenge will start on January 7th and it will be a ChaLEAN Machine Challenge. That means any Chalene Johnson program can be used for this 60 day challenge. It should be a good time, I’ll be doing TurboFire, but she has many other programs. To learn more click on the Fitness tab of this blog to check out the different programs.


Beachbody Products, Beachbody Programs, Fitness, Health, Motivation, Workout

TurboFire is on sale!


January 7th I will be hosting another Fitness Challenge – New Year, New You (like I did last year). This year we will do TurboFire and ironically, the program is on sale today for only $53! If you are interested simply visit the “Fitness” tab on my blog or click here to read about TurboFire and to purchase it.

It will be a great time and it is a great workout! If you have any questions email me at!

PS I didn’t do Day 9 of Insanity because Hurricane Sandy has left me without power 😢but I’m hoping it will be back on soon so I can push play and dig deep! For those of you affected, my thoughts and prayers are with you!