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Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Okay, let’s have a serious conversation. If you want abs, it will really come from changing your diet.  There was a time when I would eat whatever I wanted because “I work out” or “I do insanity” but the truth was that no matter how much I worked out, my body didn’t look the way that I trained. It wasn’t until I started focusing on eating clean that I was able to start seeing real results with my body!  If you want Abs or to see better results, you will need to invest in eating cleaner and healthier.

Earlier this year, I decided to do the Ultimate Reset and the results were amazing! Check out my video of my experience and see my before and after pictures.  My “abs” were created by simply eating healthy and clean for 21 days, no cheats.  The crazy part is that I didn’t even workout during that 21 days and that was the result that I got.

For more information about the Ultimate Reset, click here or email me at

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